With home moving or office moving, it’s important to have a mover with the flexibility to handle any situation.

That’s because there are times when moving isn’t as simple as getting things from Point A to Point B.

The timing and space issues just don’t always conform to the convenience you hope for.

So the option of storage often must be considered. At American Home Movers, we offer the Las Vegas storage option because we’ve been in the Las Vegas moving business long enough to know that storage can be an important factor.

Whether you need long-term storage, or short-term storage, we strive to make sure your belongings are safely stored away and accounted for. As professionals in the Las Vegas moving field for years, we are familiar with all the unexpected situations and are always ready to provide you with a variety of storage options. 

We have small Las Vegas storage spaces for routine items, or large spaces for things like vehicles, boats or heavy equipment.

Storage that is just right

Your moving situation is unique and special to us. American Home Movers offers a customized storage system to suit each customer’s needs. We have special storage space and special storage equipment for either a residential or commercial move.

We also offer a wide variety of storage features to make sure that your items are compartmentalized, safe, accessible and easy to move again. 

Our Las Vegas storage features include:

  • Climate controlled space
  • Security that includes video surveillance
  • Inventory and condition reports
  • Individual enclosed containers such as lift vans
  • Portable storage units or pods

Packed with care

We have skilled packers who will prepare a “storage pack” of your items ensuring maximum protection. Our attention to detail ensures that even your most cherished possessions are carefully packed and tucked away without damage.

You can store all of your belongings or just part of them, according to your time and space needs. 

We have affordable rates for storage space by the day, the week or the month. So, you needn’t worry about keeping things safe and secure if your moving process is longer than expected.

Please note that we to ensure safety, there are some flammable, combustible or explosive items that we may not be able to store. 

Flammables that cannot be stored:

  • Acid / Gasoline Poisons / Charcoal / Lighter Fluid
  • Fertilizer / Paints / Car Batteries / Matches
  • Nail Polish & Remover / Ammunition / Liquid Bleach / Stern
  • Aerosols / Kerosene / Pool Chemicals / Chemistry Sets
  • Fireworks / Pesticides / Motor Oil / Paint Thinner
  • Batteries / Loaded Weapons / Weed Killer / Ammonia
  • Lamp Oil / Propane Tanks / Cleaning Fluid

At American Home Movers, we’ll make sure that your possessions are taken care of. We’re the experts in storage in Las Vegas.

Call us at 888-234-3034 and rest assured that we’ll be there to watch over your belongings.