Packing Service

Packing is a big part of moving and not necessarily a fun part, because it’s daunting, time-consuming and it can be somewhat confusing. You never really know how much “stuff” you have until it’s time to move it.

Anyone who has packed for a move knows the type of problems you run into: Its, a time consuming job! Valuable items are not being packed correctly and get broken within the moving process. Insurance does not cover in-case items are packed by owner and not by professional movers. And last – few people do the job, each with their own little system of boxing and labelling.

Trouble is, when everything reaches the destination, one person doesn’t know how the other’s system works. 

Things get mixed up, and time is wasted trying to find stuff.

We can do the packing – and right

You could consider hiring a packing service. But with American Home Movers, the Las Vegas packing service is here.

We have a systematic, uniform way of packing for moves that will get everything on its way in order and right down to the right room and the right shelf. That’s right; we’ll even unpack and put your things where they belong.

We’ll pack all of your belongings or just some of them, and leave the rest to you. At American Home Movers, we understand that you have plenty of things to worry about when moving out of Las Vegas; packing need not be one of them. 

That’s why we’re the team to call for moving and packing in Las Vegas.

American Home Movers gives you direct access to a wide range of services, so you have peace of mind knowing your packages will arrive safely and on time.

We specialize in:

  • Standard and fragile packing: We know the correct way to protect even the most fragile items
  • Specialty Packaging: Our staff can customize a box on-site to meet your needs, even for large or odd-shaped items like art pieces and music instruments.
  • A wide range of supplies: Strong 5-ply boxing, corrugated cardboard wrap, reinforced bubble wrap, foam wrap, extra-strong PVC tape that won’t leave marks, 
    corner supports and specially made crates for fragile items. We also have boxes specially designed to protect your laptop, smartphone, TV, etc

Having an experienced mover to do the packing means having someone to handle every item properly. At American Home Movers, we’ve seen them all.

Each item is assessed by the packer, who quickly knows the type and the quantity of material required.

Everyone knows where it goes

As an experienced mover we know that labelling is just as important as packing, and we’ve refined our system down through the years.

It involves labelling the items by the room they were packed in, and by the room they will be delivered to in the new destination.

On the packaging, we write the description of each packed item and assign it a number.
Trusting us for the safe packaging of your goods will save you time and hassle, and you won’t have to worry about the well-being of your special belongings.

So, before you decide to pack your own move or hire a professional packing service, consider your time, energy and budget. We think you’ll choose to let us handle the job. Give us a call and we’ll come out and assess your move and the things you need to pack. We’ll adhere closely to your instructions, and make sure that all of your belongings get careful attention and go where they belong. Packing is part of our profile as full-service Las Vegas mover. 

So call us at 888-234-3034 for top-notch service in Las Vegas packing and moving.