Las Vegas Interstate Movers Of Choice

Every year, thousands of families and companies trust American Home Movers with their Las Vegas long distance moving, anywhere in the country. There are numerous reasons so many families and businesses turn to us for our Las Vegas interstate moving services.

First of all is that key word, “trust.” We at American Home Movers have earned the trust of people moving in Las Vegas and across country. We have a reputation for completing interstate moves in a planned, detailed and prompt manner. As trusted and experienced Las Vegas cross country movers, we are here to help you no matter you’re moving from, or moving to.

Quick and careful work

We’ve earned that reputation because of how we go about our work. We make it a point to get your belongings or equipment across long distances on time and on budget. But we maintain preciseness and attention to detail that assures the safety of anything we’re moving across country. Each interstate move is unique and requires a detailed plan and a lot of preparation for the complex logistics of interstate moving services. That’s what we do, and we’ve done it enough to be prepared for anything

Then there is our personnel and know how. From the people who answer your first call, to our coordinators, drivers and the people who do the heavy lifting, we have trained experienced and friendly experts to help you along the way. We believe in communicating with our customers, and we are always in touch to keep our clients informed of the moving progress. We also have the know how to offer advice on any aspect of interstate moving. It is our ongoing purpose to apply creative outside-the-box thinking.

Equipment and facilities? We have them at hand. Our full packing materials and services include:

  • Standard and fragile packing supplies
  • Specialty packing boxes and wraps to keep odd items safe
  • Full and partial packing services – we’ll pack as much as you need
  • Unloading furniture and boxes to your direction.

Let us shoulder the load

At American Home Movers, we know what it is like moving cross country – to new environs, new people, new horizons … a new life. We also know that you have dozens of things to think about when moving. That’s why our mission is to take as much of the stress off your shoulders as we can. There is nothing to worry about, as we at American Home Movers, take our job seriously and work 24/7 to ensure that your valued belongings make that interstate move safely.

That’s why thousands trust us as top-notch interstate movers in Las Vegas. Let us earn your trust; schedule your move with us today! Call us at 888-234-3034. We are here to offer the best and the fastest service in order to deliver you a stress-free move anywhere in the US.