Plan Your Move

Six to four weeks before the moving day

  • Clean all your garages and closets.
  • To get rid of the unuseful things host a garage sale or make a donation.
  • You should notify the post office that you are moving and you should have a change of the address cards.
  • Inform all the companies, organizations, clubs, etc., for the change of your address.
  • If there are appliances in your new home or office, try to get familiar with the owner’s manuals.

Three to two weeks before the moving day

The last three weeks before the moving day are one of the most tense periods, as you will have to take care of almost everything. So,

  • Decide if there are items you want to remove and/or add, if there are going to be any extra stops or changes in the moving dates and notify your agent about everything.
  • In case you want the van company to move your car, you should drive it to the loading point.
  • Arrange your own trip. How you are going to move – by car, bus, train, plain. Book your tickets and reservations.
  • Prepare your appliances for the transportation – you may need a technician or the help of the moving company that can provide you with all the professionals needed for the relocation.
  • Be aware of the items that are not allowed. Discard all the flammable (fireworks, acids, aerosols, ecc.) and combustible substances.
  • Set a date for the disconnection of your utilities – gas, electricity, phone, internet, etc.
  • Take care of your antiques – in order to verify their value, you should obtain a written appraisal.

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One to two weeks before the move

  • Collect all your items that are being repaired, cleaned or stored somewhere. Return all the items that you have borrowed.
  • Make a list of all the items for the final cleaning
  • Arrange a date for the connection of the utilities in your new home or office.
  • In case you are doing the packing, label the contents of your moving boxes, also write the destination room on each box – it will ease the unpacking.
  • If you have a pet animal take it to the vetenerian and also obtain all the health certificates needed.
  • Arrange the transportation of your pets, following the specific requirements.

The day before the moving day

  • Make sure that everything is properly packed, especially the fragile items. Before the loading an agent of the moving company will check your packing. If unproperly done, you should repack!
  • If the moving company is packing for you, you will have to help the movers by pointing out the fragile items and the boxes you want to be loaded first.
  • Unplug your appliances, clean and defrost your fridge. Unplugging is done 24 hours before the move.
  • Have a final check for any items overlooked.

The moving day

To have a properly done checklist for the actual moving day is very important as some things are easy to overlook during the whole hustle.

  • Clear all the walkways in order to ease the loading process.
  • Check if all your boxes are loaded properly
  • Check if there are forgotten items in your house for one last time.
  • After verifying, sign all the documentary such as Bill of Lading, Inventory Form, etc.
  • Verify all your new contacts with the moving company – destination address, phone numbers.
  • You can schedule a carpet cleaning service or general cleaning service to leave you old home clean.

The delivery day

  • You or someone authorized by you, should be at the delivery address to accept the items within the free waiting hours (two hours).
  • In case you cannot accept the delivery, then you will have to ask additional waiting time or storage.
  • Check if there are missing goods and also make sure what is the condition of all the items. In case of missing or damaged items, you should inform the moving company.
  • The additional unloading services are upon your request.
  • The electronic appliances should be used 24 hours after the delivery.