Moving with Children

Why is moving stressful for a child?

Moving can prove to be a big upheaval for the entire family. But while adults tend to focus on the practical problems, a child will focus on all the losses that the move causes. This can be the loss of their friends or of a safe and familiar environment.

The decision to move is, after all, taken by the adults and the child feels powerless because it cannot, and should not, influence that decision.

The degree of stress in moving is often underestimated by all concerned. Research shows that moving house is one of the greatest stresses we face in our lives. In its capacity to cause psychological distress it comes only after losing a close relative in terms of severity, and ahead of illness, loss of employment and divorce.

Of course planned and managed well, distress is not necessarily the outcome.

How can the move be made less stressful?

Talk to children about the move and do it early to give them as much time as possible to get used to the idea. Tell the children all about their new home and give them lots of facts and information appropriate for their age group and level of understanding.

Young children have short attention spans, so be prepared for them to talk about the move only for a short while before moving on to something completely different. Do not expect a young child to spend the entire evening discussing the move and its consequences. If a child is ready to talk or has a particular question, make the most of it and be ready with answers.

Even though a child can’t decide which house to buy or which town to move to, they can get involved in other ways like choosing colours to decorate rooms. That way they will feel part of the process.

If possible, take the child to visit the new place a couple of times before moving in. This will often help make the whole thing more real and familiar.

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